New FB Application Offers Users a Chance to Convert “Social Capital” into Money

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new Facebook application lets users convert their “social capital” to cash., and the Facebook version of the application –, – which launched this week, let users state what they’re looking for, along with the reward they’ll pay the person who finds it for them. (“$50 if you find us temp office space.”)

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The ReferQuest Facebook App has arrived!

The ReferQuest Facebook  application is launching today.

You can get it here.

Please help us spread the word by posting requests, referring your friends and forwarding this link to your contacts . The bigger the ReferQuest Facebook community is, the better referrals we all get and the more we help each other! (Plus we can all earn a little extra cash by helping each other out!)

Please also let Camille know any feedback directly by emailing her at:

PS: The Facebook application and main site are functioning separately for now, but will be connected soon. Enjoy!

We’ve redecorated! And we need your referrals!

It’s Official! The beta site launches!

We think you’ll really like all of the new exciting changes on our brand new beta site! You can now add photos, website links, and even your Twitter/LinkedIn/MySpace/Facebook profiles.

Check out all of the cool new Requests……and great rewards being offfered! Earn rewards via PayPal while helping people find things they really need. It’s free to refer!

Affiliate Opportunity with! aggregates the finders’ fees/rewards which users would pay to the person who finds the service or item they’re looking for (“$100 if you find us a Mandarin-speaking nanny,” “$75 if you find us temp office space on the Westside.”) I had the idea when I was 5 days from having my first son, and would have basically paid anyone who could solve my urgent to-do list items (which included selling a car, finding office space and finding a nanny).  An alpha version of the site is up, and a beta version is releasing in May .

The beta release will let us work with affiliates. In the most “entry level” mode, charity groups, newsletters, list managers and website owners will be able to cite our link (specially programmed to be a unique URL for them). When traffic comes to us via their unique URL, we’ll be able to keep track of who signed up from that referral. Then, when commissions are generated from the new users, we’ll be able to share them with the organization that referred them.

Once we’ve got this functionality “down,” we’ll roll-out the widget which can be used as a monetization module for small sites. Contact Camille for more info: clandau at !

Selling Expertise On the Internet For Extra Cash

Source: Wall Street Journal

“As the recession deepens, a small but growing number of people are taking their skills online, doling out expertise or performing specified tasks for a fee. Labor-at-the-keyboard sites are gaining popularity as people increasingly turn to the Web in search of work.”

Earn that “little extra cash” by using , where you can help out friends by recommending people & services you know about.

ReferQuest is #25 of “32 Powerful Ways To Cut Costs In Business”

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